Queen Kanupaw Siberians have fantastic personalities and are huge, fluffy, and friendly. The personalities of these alert, well-built cats are kittenish. This breed is affectionate and enjoys cuddling. They are affectionate, but they are also reticent and laid-back while maintaining a more disciplined and controlled demeanor. They are extremely friendly and sociable. They enjoy playing and are excellent athletes. Rather than their male counterparts, they grow quickly (2-3 years). Female Siberians are substantially smaller than males, weighing around 10-15 pounds on average. They have smaller frames and are less muscular. They are good parents to their young by taking great care of them.

Name: Malia

Color: Brown black classic tabby with white

Name: Allanna

Color: Golden Tabby


Name: Leilani

Name: Moana


Name: Luna



Name: Kiana

Name: Makayla


Name: Leilani



kunapaws siberians in california

Our goal is to improve, preserve, and protect the beautiful Siberian Forest Cat. We strive to breed and show happy, healthy, confident lap cats that families will love for years to come.


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