The History of Siberian Cats

The Siberian Forest Cat is a medium to large breed cat which takes at least 5 years to mature. Siberians are slightly smaller than Maine Coons. Siberian males can be twice the size of females. Males weigh between 10-22 pounds, while females only weigh 8-13 pounds on average. Siberians have a water resistant dense triple coat. Some Siberians have a course coat, while others have a softer coat. Siberians are a long haired cat with adorable ear furnishings to keep the cold weather out of their ears. TICA (The International Cat Association) describes the breed standard as a large breed cat with a substantial rounded body (like a barrel) and rounded head and ears. They have heavily boned legs to support their large bodies. Their paws are also substantial and rounded. Siberians have large, soulful eyes that are almost round. Most Siberians have gold or green eyes. Due to their back legs being big and long, Siberians are excellent jumpers. The breed has lived in Siberia for more than 1,000 years.

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Today, they are the National cat of Russia. Siberians were not introduced to the United States until the 1990’s! Today breeders from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine share cats with American breeders. Some people with cat allergies can tolerate Siberians due to their lower dander levels. Siberians have lower dander levels when compared to other cat breeds. Specifically, Siberians have a lower FELD1 protein found in their saliva. Some people are allergic to this protein after a cat licks their fur and it dries. Fortunately, some people with mild cat allergies may be able to live with our furry felines due to the lower FELD1 protein. You should always hold a Siberian to test the severity of your allergies if you or other people who visit or live with you have allergic reactions to cats. From our vast experience, some people with mild to severe allergies have been able to live with our cats. However, we have also witnessed some people with severe asthma or allergies that would not be able to adopt a Siberian cat because their allergies did flare up. For these reasons, testing your allergies by holding a cat is very important.


 Siberians have a dog-like personality. They are very social and will demand your attention. They love to fetch toys and play with water. Also, they are known to follow their owners around the house. If you are on a computer, they cannot resist sitting on your lap or sitting close to you. Siberians have a laid back, curious and easy going personality which makes them ideal with children and other pets. Overall they are quiet with an occasional chirp or meow. Since they are curious cats, playing with your kitten will keep them happy while developing their confidence.


Siberians are a long-haired cat with a dense tripple coat. They do shed their coat as the seasons change. Their tripple coat helps them to live in cold places. A unique feature of the siberian are their adorable ear tufts which protect their ears from snow and cold weather. Siberians require an occasional bath and basic grooming. From our experience, light grooming works for most siberians. However, we have owned some siberians with huge, fluffy coats that require daily grooming.

Patterns and Colors

Siberians are accepted in all patterns and colors. The most common color and pattern is the traditional brown black tabby with or without white. Red classic tabbies, golden tabbies, mackerel tabbies, tortie, torbie, and occasionally solid colors are available. Some Siberians are color pointed with blue eyes (Neva Masquerade).

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Our goal is to improve, preserve, and protect the beautiful Siberian Forest Cat. We strive to breed and show happy, healthy, confident lap cats that families will love for years to come.


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