Siberian cats, also known as Siberian Forest cats or Moscow Longhairs, are a medium to large sized longhair breed with males weighing 15 to 20 pounds . Females can be half the weight of a male. They have shiny coats and round, inquiring eyes and are robust, attentive, and adventurous. They enjoy playing and are excellent athletes. Siberians mature slowly, taking up to five years to reach full maturity.

Their is no difference in personality between a male or female. Males are quite bit bigger in size which pet owners should take into account. Each cat has their own personality.

Name: Zahkar

Color: Golden Tabby

Name: Izyaslav Verooka of kunapaws

Color: Red Classic Tabby with White

kunapaws siberians in california

Our goal is to improve, preserve, and protect the beautiful Siberian Forest Cat. We strive to breed and show happy, healthy, confident lap cats that families will love for years to come.


Bakersfield, CA

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