Kunapaws Siberian cattery is located in sunny Southern California. Our goal is to Improve, preserve, and protect the beautiful Siberian Forest Cat. We strive to breed and show happy, healthy cats that families will love for years to come. We have found the Siberian breed to be a fun and playful part of our family. Our Siberians are content in your lap when they are not playing. We love their big, beautiful round bodies, huge almost round eyes, and their awesome Personalities. They share our home with our two children and one Maine Coon cat. Our love for cats started over 28 years ago when we adopted our first Birman. I showed and bred Birmans in TICA, CFA, and ACA for many years. After my children were born, I stopped Showing to take care of my own kids. However, I missed the kittens and shows so I adopted Jake, my spectacular Maine Coon who I successfully showed for two years. After showing Jake, I got The opportunity to breed/show Siberians, and the rest is history.