Siberian Forest Cat


Welcome to Kunapaws Cattery, home of the majestic Siberian Forest Cat. Kunapaws Siberians are known for their exceptional health, outstanding temperament and natural beauty. We are a small hobby cattery with high standards. Our cats run free in our house and are not caged. We strive to breed the best Siberians and love each and every one. Our cattery and cats are both TICA registered. Check out our Available Kittens page to see the Siberian kittens we have for sale.


Many of our kittens have been placed in homes that never thought that cat ownership was possible due to allergies. Siberians have lower dander levels in comparison to other breeds, making it possible for most people that suffer from allergies to own this cat.

About Siberians:

Siberian cats are a large breed with powerful legs perfect for jumping. We love their dense triple coat, stunning, large almost round eyes, large round paws, circular body, and modified wedge face with rounded contours and rounded chin. Ear furnishings on their ears are adorable and give the Siberian a unique look. Siberian cats do not reach full maturity until they are 5 years old. Siberians come in a variety of colors and patterns. They often have gold or green eyes. Some Siberians have blue eyes too.